5 simple reasons to go electric...

If you stand behind an exhaust of any petrol or diesel car it feels like an airport smoking room. Not healthy for us humans nor the environment, we are all connected and so is our resident EV expert and Co-Founder of Global EVRT, Afeez Kay, who outlines 5 simple reasons for anyone to go electric!

Electric cars run far cheaper than petrol or diesel cars, plus in most European countries there are government incentives in place to support the purchase of an EV, as well as zero road taxes and entry into city centre congestion charge zones without paying a penny.

Driving an EV is simply a great experience compared to a traditional Internal Combustion Engine vehicle (ICE). The sensation of driving an EV is inherently better because power instantly comes from the battery and transferred to the motor, the result: instant acceleration/torque, single gear ratio, no transmission, nor crank and changing of chains, EVs can beat most ICE cars. Power delivery is more linear with no interruption as you get driving through the gears in an ICE car, there's less jerking and more smoothness, and with continuous acceleration, you get that instantaneous feeling which really is a sinking feeling in your stomach - it just happens!

EV's are ‘low’ emission vehicles not 'zero', let's be honest everything in life has a degree of environmental impact, but EV's are one of the most 'sustainable' modes of transport in the grand scheme of things. In particular, they reduce the high level of toxic gas pollutants released into the atmosphere, which causes a lot of damage to humans and the environment, including respiratory diseases - did you know that air pollution is one of the world's biggest killers with the UK linked to 40,000 early deaths in just one year in 2016 - shocking! 

As well as helping to mitigate air pollution, owning an EV is a positive step in helping to reduce excess noise pollution in today's overcrowded, modern cities. There's no engine nor exhaust pipe smoking and choking people to death (literally, unfortunately).

EV's are no longer 'geek' mobiles. With environmentalism, sustainable living and the green movement being taken more seriously today, it's increasingly popular, responsible and 'cool' to own an EV. The vehicle designs are becoming more attractive and stylish too and in the  wider context of conscious consumption in a material world, EV's are unequivocally the way forward for all responsible and conscious consumers.