This is our second piece about the misleading information and propaganda about EVs. In this blog, we will look at performance and EVs’ real impact on the environment. In a nutshell, EVs are a lot more fun to drive than fossil fuelled cars and they are also much better for the environment.

Range and Performance

MYTH: EVs are for sandal wearing liberals who don’t enjoy driving.
FACT: The Tesla Model S P100D takes 2.5 seconds to get to 60mph. That’s comparable with a $750,000 supercar.

The key difference between the way an internal combustion engine delivers its performance and the way an EV does is torque, which, as any car enthusiast knows is key to acceleration. There is no torque “curve” as with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Unlike combustion engines, torque in an EV is a straight line, as maximum torque is achieved from zero revs. This creates a unique driving experience as you leave even top end Mercs behind at the lights. In a quarter mile race , a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous can pretty much beat any internal combustion engine car in the world in a straight-line race.


You can imagine where the rumours that EVs are worse for the environment came from! Though we can’t prove it, it smacks of a PR agency hired by an oil company and told to make EVs look worse than fossil fueled cars.

MYTH: EVs just moves pollution from the tailpipe to the energy source.
FACT: One of the main differences of EVs from fossil fuel powered cars is that they get cleaner the cleaner the source of the electricity. Plug-ins can run on renewable electricity from sources such as the sun, wind and hydro powered generators.

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