Speaker Spotlights - E-Mobility Conferences, London & Paris

We recently spoke to our leading speakers and influencers in the clean transportation industry, ahead of their participation at the much anticipated Global EVRT E-Mobility Conferences in London on 25th of April and Paris on 10th May.

The conferences ultimately aim to ignite discussions that can accelerate EV adoption and the transition to a low carbon economy across UK, France and Europe. Top speakers and 150+ experts in the industry will share their latest insights into EV market economics, technology developments and policy support.

Just three years ago only 800 electric cars were registered per month in the UK and France. This figure has now risen to an average of almost 5,500 per month during 2016, a figure that is expected to soar. Yet as a percentage of total cars registered per month, EVs make up less than 2% in both markets.

What will it take to make the UK and France leading European electric vehicle markets?

A snapshot of speaker insights are outlined below, to read all the interesting insights and predictions for the future of the industry go here

What surprised you most in the clean transportation sector in 2016?
The speed of increase in the use of renewable energy and reductions in emissions from coal-fired power stations
- Simon Birkett, CEO, Clean Air London

Where do you see integrated solutions?
Integrated solutions have to be around aquafuel. This will enable the creation of small clean energy networks derived from emission-free glycerine. It’s exciting stuff.
- Alejandro Agag, CEO, Formula E

What excites you about the future of clean transportation in the UK?
Now is the opportunity for us to make a huge difference – with the Paris agreement in 2015, and pollution busting ambitions of many UK Mayors, we are at the brink of making a difference.
- Samantha Heath, Director, London Sustainability Exchange

Who are you looking forward to hear from at the E-Mobility Conference?
At London’s E-Mobility Conference I’m looking forward to hearing how car manufacturers and authorities intend to accelerate mass adoption of clean transportation vehicles, and how mobility technology can support that adoption (e.g. car sharing).
- Matteo de Renzi, CEO Western Europe, Gett

What are the top three barriers to market take-off currently? Where do you see integrated solutions?
Cost effective battery range, charging infrastructure availability and breadth of vehicle choice are the three key market barriers to pure EVs. Great work is underway to tackle all of these in the UK, through innovative thinking and real investment from the government, private and public sectors.
- Andrew Benfield, Group Director of Transport, Energy Saving Trust

“I am very pleased to attend and speak at the E-Mobility conferences in London and Paris
 as we share the same goal as Global EVRT: accelerate EV’s uptake globally."

- Christophe Arnaud, Managing Director, Bluepointlondon & Bolloré BlueSolutions UK