Global EVRT is committed to accelerating electric vehicle adoption, and driving societyโ€™s transition to a sustainable, low carbon future. We do this by believing in you: we know that people make the right choices around energy and sustainability when given the need-to-know information through engaging and positive experiences.

Our electric vehicle road trips achieve just that - creating fun, informative and unique experiences that will change your beliefs about electric cars.

Once on board, we will transform the way you perceive energy and how we use it, and create a new environment of electric vehicles, allowing you to step seamlessly into a more sustainable future.

Global EVRT was born in Europe and is now building a legacy in the United Arab Emirates - a country on the cusp of an electric vehicle boom. With our initiative we believe EVs will kick-start here even sooner, and set an exciting global precedent! Join us on our journey from 29th January to 1st February 2017 to be part of a sustainable transport revolution.